Day 1, Try #2: Psychic/Qi Heat

I had a fantastic meditation practice today – one of the best I’ve ever had actually. Today during sitting meditation, I decided to try a technique I had seen in another book. I did my best to quiet my inhale and exhale – to the point where I couldn’t hear them. I essentially slowed my breath significantly. This did wonders to my qi packing adventures, because instantly I felt psychic heat flow down my thighs, into my knees before dissapearing. The heat wave would flow after every exhale. It was such a special moment for me, because it was 100% confirmation that the practices I’m doing are actually effective. I already knew that lol, but confirmation is always nice. It also means I’m progressing and my lower dantian ball is getting big and fat :D. I’ve felt psychic heat while doing lying down practice, but never flowing down my legs while sitting up. Honestly, the best way I can describe it is some warm, clean, gentle bath of sunlight flowing inside me. Lovely. I am trying to keep my head on straight though and not pay attention to manifestations that rise from the Source. It’s easy to chase phenomena when they occur, and when they disappear, it’s also easy to think you’re not progressing. I will not be attached to whatever my energy doing and will continue with concentration.

More good news: my left hip, which was giving me big problems is about 90% healed. It still has a little pain but this is very manageable. I’ll make sure not to strain it and will stretch daily.

So, since I’m restarting my 100 days, I did slightly less today than normal, but that’s alright. I honestly feel like I grew, so that’s good enough.

I did #1, #2, #3 (2 minutes), #6 (85 minutes), #8 (50 minutes), #10 (1)

An important note: I’ll begin learning yi jin jing. Additionally, I’ll start to open the earth point at the bottom of my feet. I even know exactly where it is lol. This should allow me to fa qi after some years of practice.

I’ll basically be cleaning my feet, going outside and trying to connect with the earth/draw in yin qi from my feet until I am reasonably confident it’s open. After that, I’ll start yi jin jing.

Total Hours: