Dreams of Fa Qi/Yin Yang Kung

Oh maaaaan I had such a powerful, important dream that was a huge source of encouragement for me.

So, I have noticed when I nap during the day after not sleeping well, I tend to have a lot of out of body experiences. This isn’t unusual.

Today, I was sleeping at roughly 11:30 am when I felt the familiar vibrations of an out of body experience coming in. However, they were different. Initially, I could control the vibrations. I felt them especially in my heart chakra area coming from my LDT and I pushed the vibrations into my hands. Very cool experience. Then I felt my “spirit” hands seperate from my physical hands – a very weird sensation. It’s like you have 1 set of hands on the pillow and the other below your bed and you’re aware of them….LOL! It’s also a bit unnerving because the spirit hands feel like they are “naked” to me and like anyone can pull me out haha (it’s happened before). I controlled my fear though and didn’t let it take over me.

So, I started having visions of a black hole I was falling into. It was actually two black holes – very powerful entities that collided with each other and I was stuck in the middle. Wow that was breathtaking to witness and I felt a huge shock all over my whole body.

That’s when my LDT ball went into overdrive. I woke up semi-conscious and fully aware of my environment but outside of my body. My LDT ball was vibrating at a million beats a second and sending the energy ALL.OVER. my whole body. It was very intense. There was also a continuous, high pitched electric sounding noise surrounding me the whole time. The energy especially flowed from my LDT to my heart and then to my hands. At first it was painful to feel it flowing there, but my hands adjusted. Anything I would touch would start vibrating at the same “frequency” I was in. This was a very high pitched noise and distinct.

I thought it was cool, and was playing around with it but then the current went up toooooo high. So I started running around my house looking for my dad to help me lol. Fortunately, I found “him” (not really him, one of my spiritual guides taking his form) upstairs. I was barely able to form sentences because it the current was starting to make me delirious. I also was stumbling and couldn’t hold myself up straight. “Dad” put his hand on my neck and I told him to be careful because the energy was very powerful. This didn’t seem to bother him much. I felt something “cooling” me down significantly and eventually, the current subsided. He also told me to lock down my LDT. So, this is crazy but I felt like when I concentrated, I could slow down how fast my ball was vibrating. After a while it stuttered like and engine and just like that – it was off and I was normal again hahah.

My father seemed amused and fully aware of what practices I was doing. I didn’t need to explain much to him. He also did something with my hands. Then he asked me to jump. I jumped up quite high. He seemed happy to see how far I could jump…for whatever reason.

Anyway, I went back downstairs and I felt the energy rising again – however this time I had better control over it. I was playing with the mirror – making it vibrate and my “dad” followed me to make sure I wouldn’t blow a fuse again lol.

Shortly after that, I woke up in my bed.

Out of body experiences look and feel as real and real life, which is always interesting to me. The only differences are the huge psychic abilities we have there to manipulate reality.

Anyway, this is my final/3rd day of retaining before I can continue on my journey tomorrow. I’m excited to keep practicing.