Rest/Recover/Strategize Day

So, admittedly I “blew my pill” as my friend CJ would put it last night haha. Mostly because I have several challenges facing me that I need to confront before I can go into neigong hardcore.

  1. I’m not in the physical condition required to perform daily practice at a high level. I’m overweight and the hip problem is still bothering me today. Before I continue intensive practice, I’d like to have a full physical examination, including bloodwork to see what my potential weaknesses are, etc… I also want to reduce to roughly 180 lbs in order to be at my ideal bmi. That means losing maybe about 50 lbs. I can certainly do that over 1 year.
  2. I need money, because my bills are a bit of a burden. I’d like to manifest enough for a trip to southeast Asia to meet with other great practitioners as well as basically do whatever I want, anytime I want.
  3. I need to quit nicotine, ASAP. Right now, I’m chewing the gum. I’ve tried quitting several times and it’s remarkably difficult. It saps my energy and wastes my time. I can’t do the things I want to really accomplish without quitting it.
  4. Quit pornography or any sexual imagery entirely. I am 100% done with looking at women as objects. I want to have total control over all my urges.
  5. Achieve the full lotus for 1 hour straight.

That’s basically it. I think the entire list is achievable in 1 year with dedicated effort. Without straining or contriving any sort of artificial plans, I begin my journey to get fit enough to practice my system; financially, physically and mentally.