Day 8: Rest Day

Alright, so my left hip has been bothering me quite a bit. I woke up and it was very sore/painful. I decided to slow down a LOT today and see how it feels. My middle back will also appreciate the rest, because it also feels pretty sore. I’m quite a bit overweight at the moment, and despite my unusual flexibility, the constant stress on my joints/bones certainly causes discomfort. I’m going to incorporate a little cardio/intermittent fasting in order to slim down.

Anyway, today I did #1, #2, #6 (30 minutes), #7, #8 (20 minutes). My mentor said some time ago that if I can do at least 45 minutes of meditation/training a day, I’ll grow. That’s what I aimed for today: the minimum necessary to grow while at the same time promote healing.

My libido was back during the day, in fact I noticed some girl really checking me out. I’m doing my best to block out thoughts of random women and I am avoiding looking at their bodies. It’s 11:39 pm right now and I feel like throwing my streak away. This is the longest I have ever gone in my adult life without busting my berries. I am truly grateful I have found the strength within to continue.

Fapping is kind of a comfort thing, to be honest. Today I had a bad beat in a game of chance – lost some money that could have been very useful heh. I immediately felt like just nutting, going to bed, not meditating or doing anything except watch some silly videos on youtube and forget my troubles. I’m not going to go back to my old habits. Sure I’ll have some brutal days in the road ahead – I won’t give up.

I am the hero that never gives up :-).

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