Day 6: Repentance

Today was a day of sin and confusion. I did not leak my seminal jing, but I also engaged in behavior that I don’t consider reflects our noble linage in its true light. For that, I apologize sincerely. I wanted to do an extra 20 minutes of meditation for penance but was simply only able to pull out about 10. I will do my best to exemplify the ideals we hold. I am sorry.

Today, my ball was a little bit easier to feel towards the end of the day. Nothing special going on. I can still feel it in meditation, but not so much when I’m walking around. My libido was up and down. I am slowly beginning to appreciate the fact that my horniness is a separate experience from my creation of sexual thoughts. This is helping me to maintain my streak.

I need to do standing neigong/qigong in the morning when I have more energy, because it’s absolutely brutal to do them at night.

Today I did #1, #2, #3 (7 minutes), #6 (120 minutes), #8, #10 (3 reps).

Total Hours: