Day 5: Slow and Steady Progress

After my initial qi sensations in day 1-3, I realized something: despite my many years of practice, I really am still quite a beginner at meditation. I still have great difficulty in controlling my mind. I still move around a lot – something I’m trying to avoid and I still have a long, long way to go.

Today was hips didn’t hurt as much as yesterday – although in my first practice session they were pretty bad…but I still can’t sit for more than around 25 minutes in the half lotus position without them aching.

That being said, today doing 6 minutes of standing neigong practice was easier than doing 5 minutes yesterday. Lol!

My libido was pretty high in the morning then quickly dropped off. I was mostly flat today. I count this as a blessing, because obsessive thoughts about women, sex, etc… have pretty much disappeared. I appreciate the fact that I can just look at someone as they are without having the baggage of a monkey brain telling me what to feel, etc… But I know this flatline won’t last, lol. I heard it can take 2-3 months for it to return. I hope I’m ready.

My ball is still fairly quiet. There was some electrical activity inside it today, which always feels nice haha.

Oh, and it was also generating a LOT of heat during lying down practice. In fact the heat was nearly unbearable on my hands. I noticed that after exhaling…I wait about 1-2 seconds then I’m blasted by a heat wave from my lower dantian. Lol! Fun stuff.

Today, I did #1, #2 (6 minutes), #3, #6 (110 minutes), #8, #9 and #10 (3 reps).

Total Hours: