Day 4: Weak Chi Day

Today, although frustrating, was actually a very interesting case study. I did the exact 100 day program without significant deviation (I added 30 minutes extra sitting practice at night). That includes 10 points + earth breathing. I think I’ll edit the program a bit after further experience based on what I think will work best.

At the end of the day, the most important part of our practice is to pack chi into a yang ball in the LDT. Period. Opening space makes that easier and faster – but the only thing that actually does the WORK of packing are two exercises – chi packing lying down and sitting up – at the moment. Everything else is just to make those two meditations easier and more productive. I’ll place a greater emphasis on them.

Of course when I start standing for 30+ minutes, and doing sets of 30 compressions or more per day, they will also count as qi increasers, but in the meantime, meditation in the only thing increasing my yang chi.

First, it’s important to note that my libido was practically non-existent today. In fact I don’t think I actually managed to get a full erection – at all, despite being 7 days celibate. Theoretically, this was supposed to be the day when my testosterone spiked up by over 100%, but I feel like that happened yesterday instead.

I started with the stretching + salivary jing swallowing. Then I did 5 minutes of standing packing. This was exceptionally difficult. In fact after 2 minutes, I nearly gave up. It didn’t get easier either. I managed to stick with it but I felt drained at the end of the practice.

I fell asleep during the 10 points practice, woke up towards the end and was generally very sleepy during earth breathing. I felt some resistance in my mind to probing the depths of the earth..which was unfortunate. I hope to work on that.

Sitting practice was very, VERY difficult today. I had to stop every 10 or so minutes because my hips simply weren’t having any of it today lol. I couldn’t concentrate either. I was trying to do strong determination sitting but I just had to move at some points. On top of that, I barely felt my ball at all.

That’s generally how life goes. Ups and downs. No state is permanent. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it’ll start doing jumping jacks in my LDT….lol.

I’m at the stage where I can mostly find my ball in sitting practice at will. I usually don’t have to give it much thought – it’s a constant pressure…like rubber.. in my lower abdomen and close to my spine. I can feel it as I’m typing this. However, it’s just weak today. Yesterday the pressure within it roared. It was so tight and fat I thought it was borderline dangerous lol. Today….it’s as meek as a little mouse.

This is very good information, because it confirms what people in schools like Loneman Pai used to say. They believed that jing was the primary source of energy that actually had physical effects…not necessarily qi. If your jing is low, you won’t be able to do very much. We also know that seminal jing loses potency the further you go into celibacy (at least in the first week). It would be better to base your training cycle around a 1 week period (or less).

I would like to see how my jing and qi interact over my 100 days of celibacy + 10 months of “pregnancy”. After that, I should have enough data to know whether to switch to a 1 week cycle or continue with celibacy.

Anyway, in total I did #1, #2, #3 (5 minutes), #4, #5, #6 (100 minutes), #8. #9, #10 ( 2 reps).

Total Hours: