Day 3: This Too Shall Pass

Well, today was quite a challenging day, because my libido was on “rocket mode” all day…lol. Somatic meditation, celibacy, etc… all make a powerful, potent restorative fuel. I’ll confess that I nearly broke, but I found a really useful strategy. Whenever I felt I was nearly gone, I’d just start repeating in my head “this too shall pass”.

I really love that little story of the king and the wizard. I forget exactly where it comes from, but essentially, long time ago, a wise king, tired of the ups and downs in life asked a wizard to make him a ring that would make him happy when he was sad, and sad when he was happy. The wizard simply made a little ring that had inscribed within, “this too shall pass.” It’s a powerful motto and I use it liberally. And indeed, the urges passed after a while (roughly 1-2 hours) and it was a huge relief to return to normal. Nothing lasts forever, and any challenges you and I will face on this path are not eternal roadblocks. Keep chipping away and eventually, they will give way.

So today, I did #1, #2, #3, #6 (110 minutes), #8 and #10. I need to incorporate more stretches because my ankles were complaining today. Additionally, I’ve been slacking on somatic meditations. #8 isn’t enough to create space. If you want to progress quickly, you MUST have some kind of relaxation/somatic meditation. Interestingly, today I didn’t feel sleepy at all during qi packing lying down.

Also, my legs didn’t feel the jarring sensation of pins and needles as much as my first day when I was sitting for minutes at a time. In total I did somewhere near 3 hours.

I’ll remember to start early tomorrow. I started at around 1 pm and with the little breaks and errands, I’m just finishing now at 10 pm. Yikes. But overall, I’m still pretty happy with my progress. I felt the ball as a very tight…well, ball hehe, anytime I’d like down. Sometimes it would move/spasm on its own.

Also, zhan zhuang/standing tree pose gets much easier after the first 2-3 minutes. I’ll be interested in knowing how it goes by day 60 where I have to stand for 1 hour straight…lol.

Total hours: