Day 1: The Qi Awakens

So, I didn’t quite stick to the guide on my first day. I fell a bit short.

I did #1, #2, #3, #6 (the hard part lol), #10 and part of #8.

I fell asleep while doing qi packing lying down because my body just felt too tired by the evening to go on. I ended up sleeping over 10 hours. According to teachers like Dr. Reggie Ray, this is perfectly normal and fine. You should let the body guide you. Somatic peace is the ultimate intention of the lying down practices. I wonder what Bodhidharma, who beat the s**t out of monks he found sleeping in a monastery, would feel about that. Lol!

Interestingly though, I felt the electric qi circulating in my left hand and legs, the way it used to several years ago when I was doing very strenuous training. It’s wonderful to feel the energy again :-).

As a side note, my libido skyrocketed halfway through the day and it was a bit of a struggle to retain my seminal jing. That’s alright, I didn’t break.

Overall, did I grow? Yeah :-).

Total hours: