Within The Viral Cocoon: The First 100 Days of Training

Currently, there is a global pandemic occurring and societies all over the planet have slowed down to a standstill in an effort to contain the plague. My country, Kenya, is actually just starting to experience an increase in the number of infected and it is a terrifying ordeal to go through. My thoughts remain with the affected, especially the elderly that we are losing. Who knows how much knowledge and experience they take with them to the spirit world.

As challenging as this time is, it ironically serves as a fertile spiritual base for a completely new beginning. The old world is burning, and in its ashes, new life will emerge. Let this time be one where you lay the foundational habits for your life as a cultivator. When you emerge from the viral cocoon, you will have transformed into a greater person than you were before.

Before you even begin training, you need 3 days of preparatory work. You MUST remain celibate for the entire training period while the immortal fetus is stabilizing and you will begin right now.

Prep days 1-3:

Clean up your training environments. Begin working on stretches designed to help you sit in the half or full lotus position.

The First 100 Days of Training:

Use the following meditation pattern:

  1. Start will full stretches, especially knees, wrists, neck, back and ankles (20 minutes).
  2. Swallow salivary jing (10 minutes).
  3. Standing ball practice (2 minutes + 1 minute added daily). Scale this until you can stand for 1 hour uninterrupted.
  4. 10 points practice (20 minutes)
  5. Earth breathing (20 minutes)
  6. Qi packing sitting up (70 minutes)
  7. Full stretches (20 minutes)
  8. Qi packing lying down (50 minutes)
  9. Light stretches (10 minutes)
  10. Standing Qi compressions (1 + 1 added every 2 days). Scale this until you are doing 50 reps per day.

Additionally, remain aware of the lower dantian at all times. Breath into it, care about it and rest your mind upon it at every moment. You MUST incorporate all day awareness into your training regiment if you truly wish to have Big Qi. This can be very difficult for beginners, but it gets easier the more you practice, especially when you feel the ball of ever present yang qi form and solidify. As an aid, carry a rubber band, ring or some kind of object with you at all times and remind yourself to continuously return back to the LDT.


This novice training regiment has been carefully constructed through years of personal experience and contemplation on the various challenges faced while beginning a practice. It is designed to keep qi flowing at any given time in the whole body while avoiding stagnation and too much stress on any individual part. It is difficult. Expect results.

While this our first 100 days of training, please keep in mind that a complete beginner will simply not be able to perform at this level for an extended period of time. If you have no training experience at all, please consider light beginner exercises for several months or years before attempting this specific training cycle. If you rush into this, you may either damage your physical body or various nadis in their system due to the amount of qi that will be generated and stored within. Do not attempt this training regiment without instructions from a competent master.